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Structured Wiring


There are a number of benefits of a well-designed structured cabling system, but there is only one good time to install it: when the walls are still open during initial construction.

Structured Wiring is a term for the wiring infrastructure system in the home that can distribute multiple telephone lines, high speed data, cable and satellite TV, all in a flexible, modular fashion which can accommodate future changes and additions.

While there are many ways your new home can be wired in a structured format, Bart Electric recommends starting with running two category 5e 4-pair UTP cables (one phone, one data) and two RG6 quad shield coax cable run to every bedroom and the living room, den/study, office, etc. A more future-ready plan includes one or two fiber optic cables. Both designs help your new home to be equipped for the conveniences of the information age.


Any incoming phone line can be cross-connected to any phone jack in the house.
A computer network (LAN) allows you to reduce the number of electronic devices (printers, etc.) needed and gives you the    ability to easily share files between computers. A LAN also enables you to share a high-speed internet connection.
The ability to distribute any video signal (cable, satellite, cameras, etc.) to any TV jack in the house.
As the use of a room changes (a guest room becomes a home office) the system can more easily adapt to provide the needed services.
As new services become available (HDTV, etc.), they can more easily be distributed throughout the house.
Should a cable be accidentally damaged during home improvements the rest of the system would be unaffected.

Technology marches on Ė itís not a headline any more, itís an underlying assumption of our daily lives.

Tomorrow you will be able to buy a more capable phone system, control more appliances and home electronics systems remotely, connect your PC and home entertainment equipment to take advantage of exciting new services and features. All of this is available to you if you have the right wiring!

Most higher-end homes now have structured wiring included as a matter of course. Unfortunately, much of it is poorly planned or poorly installed by contractors who donít understand the requirements of the connected equipment. The only thing more expensive and frustrating than adding wiring to a house that was not pre-wired is adding more wiring to a house that was wired incorrectly!

Please let our experts consult with you and your builder on low-voltage wiring systems that will allow you to easily add, change, replace, and connect your appliances and electronics without limitations or major wiring expenses.


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