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          Lightning strikes somewhere on the earth 100 times
        each second.   Each of these strikes will cause severe
        damage to electrical and electronic equipment.  

"Power problems (surges and lightning) were the number one cause of desktop computer loss in 1999 and 2000."

 "Power outages interrupt operations at 72 percent of U.S. businesses."

In addition to the threat of a lightning strike, the nations growing consumption of electricity is straining the national power grid each year.  This strain has led to brown outs and "unclean" power.  These conditions can cause motors to operate hotter than normal, electronics to malfunction or die and  computers to lose data.  Bart Electric has many was protect you from these threats.

The purpose of TVSS is to eliminate or reduce damage to such equipment as computers, telephone systems, fax machines, various manufacturing equipment, and other devices by limiting transient (surge) voltages and currents (surges) on electrical circuits. These transients or surges may come from inside a facility, or may be injected into a facility from the outside. When machinery inside a facility such as motors, air conditioners, laser printers, etc. is switched on and off transients can result, which will cause equipment malfunction, failure, or damage. If a car hits a utility pole,  if lightning strikes at or near a power line, large transients may be carried into a facility. These transients are capable of causing significant damage to equipment and electronics.  We are able to install a wide range of products that can protect a single circuit or an entire facility.


UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be your best friend!  UPS systems are intended to do just what the name implies, deliver uninterrupted power.  They are most commonly found supplying computers and data communications equipment.  If you look for them you will see UPS units in places you might not have noticed before.  With an ever increasing number  of systems being controlled by electronic equipment, the need for a steady stream of power becomes more of an issue.  The majority of power failures are not noticed by people since they don't last long enough to make the light blink off.  But that little power interruption you didn't notice just locked up 1/3 of the computers in the building, and data was lost on all of them!

UPS units are also able to keep equipment up and running during a power failure until the standby generator can come online, or so systems can be shutdown in the proper manner. 


Emergency power systems are increasingly in demand, performing a wide variety of power generation tasks for all kinds of end users. Standby power is indispensable for many kinds of operations. Lengthy or recurring power outages result in financial loss, inconvenience or worse. Often, the investment in a standby generator set is recouped at the first significant outage

We offer systems from Generac Power Systems and can provide you with the correct system you need for you application.

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