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Multi-room Audio


Multi-room audio systems allow for the distribution of music to multiple rooms in your home, without the requirement of multiple stereo systems. Simply put – More Music – Less Boxes!

Multi-room Audio is:
Easy to Use
..and enriches your life at home…

Let’s face it – music sets the mood! Having a party? Music helps to entertain. Had a hard day? Music helps you to relax. Need to do some housecleaning? Music helps pass the time.

With Multi-room Audio, you can:
Enjoy music throughout your home without bulky equipment
Play different music in different rooms – or the same song throughout your home
Easily integrate with lighting and security systems
Even control your system via your computer through a web interface!
…and Multi-room Audio is flexible and affordable for your home

Walk into a room, press a button, and your choice of music begins to play. It's as easy as turning on a light switch!  

That is it!  You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Think that was easy?
Imagine how cool it would be to control all your audio sources for playback in each room using TouchLinX a in-wall tough screen controller. Dynamic menus appear for each source with full motion graphics. The  Flash demonstration on the rite shows you exactly how TouchLinX works in your home, and points out the features that are coming soon...

Multiple source inputs allow you to "rock and roll" in the kitchen while someone listens to Mozart in the bedroom or the ball game out on the deck.  Discrete in-wall or ceiling speakers can be painted to match your décor. 

Add a music-server and you can control the playback of hundreds of CDs,  thousands of MP3 or WAV files.



Want More?

Some of our systems can control all aspects of your living environment from a touch screen keypad like the one you see here.  Audio, Lighting, Cameras, Heating & Air Conditioning to mention a few.  Please ask us for more information!


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